Golden Visa Portugal – What Changes in January 2022
As you may already know, huge changes are coming to Portugal’s Golden Visa at the beginning of 2022. But do you feel confused about the latest law changes regarding the Portuguese Golden Visa?
We’ll try to make it simple:
  • All applications up to the end of 2021 will still be accepted;
  • The law changes will not affect residents who renew their residence permit cards or join family members in the program.
  • If you want to invest in Lisbon, Oporto, or some areas of Algarve – You must take advantage of this small window of opportunity, so you need to move quickly to conclude your investment and submit your application before the year ends.
And If you’re going to be spending hundreds of thousands of euros on investment, you want to be sure that you pick the right area to invest in. Correct?
  • Aljezur — one of the few areas within the Algarve classed as a low-density region. Both sea and mountains surround this beautiful part of the country.
  • Douro Valley — full of vineyards, a river valley, and nature trails, this region has plenty of potentials to attract tourists.
  • Peneda Geres — the home to Portugal’s only national park, this region is sure to draw in hikers and nature lovers from around the world.

However, there are still chances to apply for the Golden Visa in coastal areas by buying property for habitational purposes before it expires. While that will vary on each investor’s specific circumstances and goals, there are still many valid reasons to consider applying for the Portuguese Golden Visa.

What do you need?
  • An established real estate agency
  • A professional law company
  • A tax advisor who will guide you through this process.
At Golden Visa Portugal Investments, we have established solid partnerships so that you can find these 3 services all in one place!
Note: Even though the green light has been given for Brits to travel to Portugal now, and you can also apply for it from a distance – no matter the nationality), it is important that you apply for it as soon as possible!


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