Portuguese Citizenship – Special Regime for Sephardic Jews


EU is pressuring European countries to stop granting citizenship through unclear mechanisms. The aim is to prevent the practice of crimes such as money laundering and other crimes.

In Portugal, there is a mechanism called the Golden Visa that is properly regulated. These visas function as residence authorization for those who invest in the country. After seven years, those who keep the residence authorization through Golden Visa are eligible to get citizenship through this mechanism if they pass a Portuguese language test.

There will be a change in the granting of Golden Visa to avoid the constant increase in properties located in the main cities (Lisbon and Porto). However, the regime will remain valid for the rest of the country.

To obtain citizenship through proof of Sephardic Jewish descent, for now, is still a possibility. In this case, it will not even be necessary to prove that you speak Portuguese. The end of this possibility, however, may happen for the political reasons that I have explained.

Count on us to streamline the procedures leading to obtaining Portuguese citizenship.

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